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CHAMPIONS Safety Net, professional top athletes support

Together with the Champions, we are here to win in the professional sports world. Therefore, we support professional top athletes to the top. Are You ready to team up with the Champions around the globe? Yes, we are!

Our Champions DNA comes from the founder and owner Jeroen Javier Koudstaal. When he was 8 years young, he became the Champion in him. This happened behind a table tennis table, while playing and winning his first regional tournaments. No surprise that since then his world was all about winning games, sets and matches. His goal was clear: to become table tennis Champion of The Netherlands. He won three national table tennis Championships with both teams and doubles and was ranked number three in The Netherlands, when he was only 16 years young.

Three years later he retired from table tennis and decided to become the businessman in him and he did. Remember that and become every day the Champion in You. Just like that.



@ +31615891133. Just make the Champions call.